Blood-A-Rama Triple Frightmare w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

A horror triple feature from the vaults of the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA)!

 HELP ME . . . I’M POSSESSED: A free-form nightmare that takes place at a sanitarium in the desert, this surrealist gem includes a psychopathic hunchback, delirious monsters, and a killer early synthesizer score.

 NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER: A southern-fried whodunnit with murder, racial tension, and a starring role from The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz, this sweat-soaked sleazer feels like a cross between an American giallo and a trashy airport paperback novel.

 CARNIVAL OF BLOOD: An ominous, semi-cinéma vérité horror movie that was shot at Coney Island in NYC, CARNIVAL OF BLOOD features an early role from Burt Young (ROCKY), pop-art gore that would make H.G. Lewis proud, and a gloriously seedy atmosphere.

 NOTICE! These preservations were made from the only known film elements in existence. Please approach the technical quality of the source materials with empathy.


directed by: Various

starring: Micky Dolenz, Burt Young

1970-74 / 266 min (combined) / 1.85:1 / English Mono


Additional info:

• Region Free Blu-ray

• 2K preservations from the only known 35mm prints in existence

• CARNIVAL OF BLOOD: Partial commentary with Bleeding Skull’s Annie Choi and AGFA + Bleeding Skull’s Joseph A. Ziemba

• Blood-dripping trailers and drive-in snipes from the AGFA vaults

• Watch the full, uninterrupted program in “drive-in” mode

• Reversible cover artwork

• English SDH subtitles