Die Todeskralle des Grausamen Wolfes /Ferocious Wolf's Death Claw- Paul Naschy: Legacy of a Wolfman No.6 (Blu-ray/DVD) Limited Edition REGION B

Type: New Blu-Ray

In the Middle Ages, two bitter opponents face each other on the battlefield: Barna Báthory and Irineus Daninsky. To punish Báthory for making a pact with the devil, Daninsky cuts off his head with his sword and then sends his troops to the Báthory castle to destroy the entire family once and for all. When he leads Elizabeth Báthory to the stake, she curses the Daninsky family shortly before her death. Many decades later, horror and panic reign in a small village in the Carpathian Mountains. A mysterious monster roams the forests, cruelly mauling the villagers. It only strikes on full moon nights and leaves a bloody trail of incomprehensible horror. When the brutally battered corpse of a young girl is found, the villagers decide to kill the monster. Their target is Waldemar Daninsky, a baron and descendant of Irineus Daninsky, whom they blame for the atrocities in the forests. Elizabeth Báthory's curse comes true, and by the time Waldemar Daninsky discovers the terrible secret he harbors, it's too late. The hunters are on his trail and on Walpurgis Night there is an inevitable confrontation. At Waldemar's side there is only Kinga. Her unconditional love is the only cure that can free Waldemar from his curse.