Der Gorilla aka Go Gorilla (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Stuntman Marco, a likeable young man, can no longer practice his job after an accident and finds a job as a "gorilla". He is now the bodyguard of the rich building contractor Sampioni. Sampioni is threatened by a mysterious gang that is after his money. Their demands increase every day, otherwise his wife and daughter will have to fear for their lives. Marco does everything he can to put an end to the dark goings-on with the help of the police. A chain of unfavorable circumstances causes the situation to spiral out of control. Marco has to rethink his ideals... He resorts to whatever means he can to save Sampioni and his family.

- Blu-ray world premiere
- Reversible cover without FSK logo

- Unrestored version
- Italian opening credits
- Italian ending credits
- Comparison of the cut with the shortened Italian theatrical version
- Artbook with the Italian cinema poster + press material