Dead Mountaineer's Hotel (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Police inspector Glebsky is called to the remote mountain hotel "Zum verunfallenten Alpinisten" - a false alarm, as it soon turns out. He decides to spend the night in the hotel anyway, because leaving is out of the question after an avalanche cuts the hotel off from the outside world and Olaf, one of the strange other guests, is found dead. His investigations lead Glebsky into a world of the inexplicable and supernatural...

HOTEL “TO THE ACCIDENT ALPINISTS” is based on a novel by the brothers Boris and Arkady Strugazki, who, because of their visionary and frequently filmed cult novels such as “Picnic by the Wayside” – the template for Andrei Tarkovsky’s STALKER – and IT’S NOT EASY TO BE A GOD to the most important representatives of the fantastic. The film, which begins as a mystical neo-noir thriller with a whodunnit element and is increasingly permeated by sci-fi elements, not only pulls through this remarkable mixture of genres, but also through the impressive mountain setting and Sven's atmospheric synth score Grünberg under his spell. Revered as a cult film in Estonia and a big box office success in the Soviet Union, it can finally be seen again in this country, more than 40 years after it was released in East German cinemas.

(* with optional German and English subtitles)

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