Vampire Circus (Limited Edition w/SLIP + Booklet, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Out of the entire Hammer canon "Vampire Circus" has got to be one of the strangest things they ever did and it’s coming to Blu-Ray for the first time in the UK to celebrate its 50th Anniversary!

It is an offbeat, highly surreal number with oodles of blood and gore thrown in. A Transylvanian village is sealed off from the outside world due to an outbreak of the plague. Anyone who tries to get in or out is shot dead by the police. Nevertheless a travelling circus somehow breaks through the lines, and boy, are all its bloodless-looking performers a wee bit strange!

There is a gypsy male who seems to be able to turn himself into a panther, and a pair of very creepy acrobatic twins, who seem impervious to pain and can transform themselves into birds. All of it is presided over by Adrienne Corri, who makes a suitably vampy Ring-Mistress.

Added to all this the village itself is living under a curse imposed on them by an aristocrat they killed several years before for being a vampire, all of which is related in the violent and blood-splattered opening sequence to the film. A Creepy Hammer horror with bite!


  • 12 PAGE BOOKLET INCLUDING A NEW ESSAY by The Evolution Of Horror's Mike Muncer
  • 'THE BLOODIEST SHOW ON EARTH' documentary featuring interviews from renowned director Joe Dante and actor Dave Prowse
  • VISITING THE HOUSE OF HAMMER - an insight into Britain's legendary horror magazine
  • GALLERY OF GROTESQUES - A brief history of Circus Horrors
  • VAMPIRE CIRUCS interactive comic book