Almost Human (Code Red)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Giullo Sacchi is a psychotic small-time thief with a chip on his shoulder who’s leaving a slew of dead bodies all over Milan. Now he’s got a plan to make a quick and easy payday: kidnap the daughter of a local billionaire and hold her for ransom. And nothing is going to stop Giullo from getting his money – not even the toughest cop who’s hot on his trail.

Starring Tomas Milan, Henry Silva, Ray Lovelock

Special Features:  Brand New HD scan, New interivew with director Umberto Lenzi, Ray Lovelock and Gino Santercole, writer Ernesto Gastaldi and Tomas Milan, U.S. Trailer, Both the English and Italian (with English subtitles) language versions of the film.

Code Red // 1974 /// Rated R // Color // English and Italian // All Region