The Ghosts of Motley Hall (DVD, Region B)

Type: New DVD

There has been an Uproar at Motley Hall since the days of Queen Elizabeth the First. And, although the dust now lies thick on its historic floors and weeds choke its once fine gardens, there are Uproars at Motley Hall still. The House – imposing, grand, decaying, unused – is not yet quite empty.

There are five ghosts in Motley Hall.

Five ghosts from different periods of history – compelled to get along with each other as best they might, trying somehow to keep the 20th century away from their doorstep and remain undisturbed as the sole occupants of their ancestral home. But when they discover that Motley is to be pulled down, they are reluctantly forced into action!

Devised and written by Richard Carpenter, creator of many other classic series for television – including Catweazle, Robin of Sherwood and Dick Turpin  The Ghosts of Motley Hall was a huge success on children's ITV in the 1970s and remains very fondly remembered to this day.

[] Commentaries with Freddie Jones and Richard Carpenter on selected episodes
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