Scenes from a Marriage (#229) USED

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Scenes from a Marriage chronicles the many years of love and turmoil that bind Marianne and Johan, tracking their relationship through matrimony, infidelity, divorce, and subsequent partnerships. Originally conceived by director Ingmar Bergman as a five-hour, six-part television miniseries, the film is also presented in its three-hour theatrical cut. Shot largely in intense, intimate close-ups by cinematographer Sven Nykvist and featuring flawless performances by Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson, Bergman’s emotional X-ray reveals the deep joys and pains of a complex bond. BLU-RAY SPECIAL EDITION FEATURES • High-definition digital transfers of both the television version and the U.S. theatrical version of the film, with uncompressed monaural soundtracks • Interview with director Ingmar Bergman from 1986 • Interviews from 2003 with actors Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson • Interview from 2003 with Bergman scholar Peter Cowie comparing the two versions of Scenes from a Marriage  • PLUS: An essay by author Phillip Lopate