New Year's Evil (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover C

Type: New Blu-Ray

Diane "Blaize" Sullivan is one of the most popular singers on the punk rock new wave scene and has been chosen to host a big show during New Year's Eve in L.A. A man who calls himself "Evil" also reports to a listener's request - and announces several murders that he intends to commit at midnight in the respective time zones. So he's working his way from east to west - and Diane is supposed to be his final victim. While the police are skeptical, the perpetrator gets closer and confirms his intentions with several murders. But his motive is very personal...

- 24-page booklet with an essay by Christoph N. Kellerbach
- Audio commentary with director Emmett Alston, hosted by Code Red founder Bill "Banana Man" Olsen
- The Making of "New Year's Evil"
- Original trailer
- press kit
- Image gallery