Krull (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

German import, booklet is in German

The distant planet Krull groans under the reign of terror of the "Indescribable Beast". From its black fortress it subdues kingdom after kingdom with the help of its warbands, the monstrous "Slayers". The wedding of Lyssa (Lysette Anthony) and Colwyn (Ken Marshall), two heirs to the throne from actually enemy kingdoms, is supposed to unite the planet and forge a quick-witted alliance against the monster. However, the Slayers ambush the ceremony and capture the princess. As the sole survivor of the attack, it is now up to Prince Colwyn to save his bride from the clutches of evil. On his dangerous journey, Colwyn has to endure all sorts of adventures. The wise Ynyr (Freddie Jones), the cyclops (Bernard Bresslaw) and Ergo, the "self-enchanter" (David Battley) support him.

- 28-page booklet by Patrick Winkler
- The Making of: Journey to Krull (English with German subtitles)
- Image gallery
- Trailers