Flavia the Heretic (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover D

Type: New Blu-Ray

As a young girl, Flavia, the daughter of an alleged nobleman, had her first early childhood experiences. Her father turns out to be a Saracen exploiter who plunders and murders in front of her eyes. Matured as a young woman, she voluntarily entered a monastery. But life as a nun does not protect Flavia from further burdens. Cruelty, obsession, injustice and disease rule life in this dire time. Flavia witnesses a horse being castrated and a farmer's wife being raped. Flavia doubts her faith! Why is god male? But the very next moment she witnesses the inhuman torture of a nun by her father. Now Flavia completely loses faith in the world. She escapes and meets the Jew Abraham there. When he is caught, she allies herself with the leader of the Moslems. Your time for revenge has come.

- 24-page booklet
- Incl. 2 bonus films on DVD:
* The mirror of the nuns
* The nun of Verona
- DVD version