Savage Dawn (Region B)

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SUMMARY : In the 1980s – The former soldier Ben Stryker goes to a small town in Texas, Agua Dulce, lost in the heart of the desert. There he finds Tick Rand, an old friend. But their reunion is soon ruined by a gang of bikers, the "Savages". The latter are quick to attack the population and sow chaos in the town. Faced with this situation, Stryker is forced to take up arms again.

Presented at the Film Market of the Cannes Film Festival in 1985, Savage Dawn is a pure action film with a high-flying cast, in which we find Lance Henriksen (Aux frontières de l'aube), George Kennedy (Airport), Karen Black (Trauma), Richard Lynch (Invasion USA) and Claudia Udy (Joy). Note, finally, that the music was composed by the famous Pino Donaggio (Don't Look Back, Blow Out).


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