Vice Academy Trilogy (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray
They did’nt had the level to enter the Police Academy, they went to theVice Academy, the school for the future Vice Squad officers. In 1989, ex pornstart Ginger Lynn Allen and the scream queen Linnea Quigley were blasting TV airings with a low budget but sexy rip-off of Police Academy, directed by Rick Sloane (who directed the year before Hobgblins, lookalike for Gremlins that amused audiences). Late TV evenings instant classic and video rental blockbuster Vice Academy will be, like its model, the first film of a saga. In France, the film will be multi-aired on La Cinq and the second episode would be a video rental hit. For the first time in high defintion, here is the trilogy of the three first films, restored by our experts friends from Vinegar Syndrome, with an exclusive slipcover. Edition limited to 1000 copies.
  • Blu-ray 1 (BD-25) : Vice Academy 1 (1989), 90 minutes, 1,85:1, 1080p, Mono, VOSTFR + VF + Presentation by Claude Gaillard
  • Blu-ray 1 (BD-25): Vice Academy Part II (1990), 93 minutes, 1,85:1, 1080p, Mono, VOSTFR + VF + Interview of Linnea Quigley (17 minutes)
  • Blu-ray 3 (BD-25) : Vice Academy Part III (1991), 88 minutes, 1,85:1, 1080p, Mono, VOSTFR + VF + Interview of Ginger Lyn Allen (35 minutes)