Classic Sci-Fi Filmbook USED

Type: Books
They are classics of science fiction. The chillers and thrillers made during the remarkable years following the second world war. The era when the world was shaken from its adolescence and abruptly thrust into the atomic age. An era in which the fanciful notions of science fiction suddenly became science fact and danger lurked around every corner. Danger from alien invaders hellbent on world destruction...danger from deranged geniuses using the marvels of science to wreak havoc...danger from prehistoric beasts re-animated by radiation fallout from millions of years of slumber and unleashed upon our cities...even danger from unknown forces usurping the very bodies and souls of our friends and loved ones and infesting the very core of humanity. While modern films have elevated the art of special effects to undreamt of artistry, the classics of the 1950s have left a legacy unmatched by any other era in film history. They represent a time of innocence and awakening, and they celebrate an era of teenagers, Friday night shock fests and drive-in theaters. They may be a bit "hockey" by today’s standards, but the images they conjure up remain to this day as the definitive icons of science fiction...sleek alien spacecraft, fire-breathing prehistoric beasties and, of course, the little green men from Mars.