Classic Horror Filmbook USED

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New! The world's greatest classic Gothic horror collection since Ray Ferry's acclaimed Famous Monsters 40th Anniversary Fearbook! This stunning volume features over 75 fabulous FULL PAGE photos from more than 50 of the most fiendish film monster movies ever made! From the most popular classics like DRACULA, THE WOLF MAN, FRANKENSTEIN, THE MUMMY and CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, to lesser known but influential titles like MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM and THE BLACK CAT! This state-of-the-art hard cover coffee table edition is printed in deep, rich tones on heavy weight, archival paper that captures all the detail and naked horror of the originals like never before! Each photo has been digitally restored to evoke its original brilliance, and each is accompanied by historical information, trivia and scene credits. 128 fangtastic pages, deluxe hard cover coffee table edition with dust jacket. Giant 10" x 13" size!