Type: New Blu-Ray
Caught is a tale of Leonora (Barbara Bel Geddes, VERTIGO), an aspiring carhop who meets and marries a mysterious millionaire, Smith Ohlrig (Robert Ryan, GOD'S LITTLE ACRE). Soon after the wedding, Laura realizes she's trapped in a loveless marriage with a ruthless workaholic husband who torments her with twisted mind games. Unable to obtain a divorce from Smith, she moves out of the mansion and goes to work for a dedicated doctor, Larry Quinada (James Mason, ODD MAN OUT). The two quickly fall in love but the romance comes to an abrupt halt when Leonora learns that she is pregnant with Ohlrig's child. Legendary director Max Opuls (Max Ophuls) (LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, THE RECKLESS MOMENT) and the top-notch cast masterfully navigate the ensuing complications through atmospheric cinematography by Lee Garmes (DUEL IN THE SUN) and stylish art direction from Frank Paul Sylos (SUDDENLY). Caught was adapted for the screen by Arthur Laurents (WEST SIDE STORY, ROPE) from Libbie Block's novel WILD CALENDAR.