Buffalo Bill and the Indians (Limited Edition, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

An all-star cast – including Paul Newman, Burt Lancaster, Geraldine Chaplin, Joel Grey, Harvey Keitel, and Shelley Duvall – assembles for Robert Altman’s follow-up to his 1975 critical success, Nashville. Swapping the country-and-western scene for Buffalo Bill’s ‘Wild West’ shows of the late nineteenth century, the film is another of Altman’s pitch-perfect satires, offering a sidelong glance at the myths of America.


  • High Definition remaster
  • Two presentations of the film with its original ‘antique’ colour timing: the 124-minute director’s cut; and the shorter, 105-minute producer’s cut
  • Original stereo audio
  • From the Prairie to the Palace (1976, 5 mins): archival on-set documentary featuring rare footage of Altman and Paul Newman
  • Jim Webb on Robert Altman (2007, 22 mins): audio extracts from a presentation by the veteran sound mixer
  • Alternative French opening titles and closing credits (1976, 7 mins)
  • Seven silent films featuring Buffalo Bill and the stars of his Wild West shows, with musical accompaniment by Bernard Wrigley: Annie Oakley (1894, 14 secs); Parade of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, No. 1 (1898, 43 secs); Parade of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, No. 2 (1898, 2 mins); Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Parade (1902, 2 mins); Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Pawnee Bill’s Far East (1910, 13 mins); The Life of Buffalo Bill (1912, 27 mins); and Ford Animated Weekly (1916, 10 mins)
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • TV spot
  • Image galleries: publicity and promotional materials; and a selection of original Buffalo Bill posters and photographs
  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Limited edition exclusive 36-page booklet with a new essay by Richard Combs, extracts from Altman on Altman, an overview of contemporary critical responses, Peter Stanfield on the silent films of Buffalo Bill, and film credits
  • UK premiere on Blu-ray
  • Limited edition of 3,000 copies