Body Melt (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

If you loved the stomach-churning madness of STREET TRASH (1987) then you are sure to adore the insane goo and gore of BODY MELT (1993) - one of the greatest Ozploitation classics of all time! Even messier and more manic than STREET TRASH, this upchuck-classic spins a story about some Melbourne residents who are singled out as human guinea pigs for a concoction that mutates bodies and turns flesh into liquid nastiness! Spun with a sick, sick, sick sense of humour - BODY MELT is in the same vein as early Peter Jackson (BAD TASTE/ BRAINDEAD) and even features an oft-kilter performance from everyone's favourite soap star Ian Smith (yes, Harold from NEIGHBOURS). And thanks to 88 Films this shocking and unpredictable splat-stick gem is ready for reappraisal in gloriously gruesome HD!


NEW 2018 4K Transfer from the Original 16mm Camera Negative

Director Approved DTS-HD MA 5.1 Re-Mix

Fatal Visions: An Interview with Michael Helms, Unit Publicist

Foley Sounds: An Interview with Actor Neil Foley

Interview with Actor Nicholas Politis

Audio Commentary with Director Philip Brophy

Audio Commentary with Co-Producers Daniel Scharf, Rod Bishop and Director Philip Brophy

Behind the Scenes Featurette

Making Bodies Melt: The Making of Body Melt (1992)

Behind the Scenes, Stills and Prop Gallery

Complete Storyboard Gallery

Original Trailer