Bloodfeast!: The Adventures of Sgt. Lunch W/SLIP USED

Type: Used Movies

When wrongdoers and lawbreakers are on the prowl, there's only one man for the job. Meet Sgt. Al T. Lunch; IOU1 PD's most diligent and decorated officer. With over 300 arrests under his belt, Sgt. Lunch is revered by his peers, beloved by his community, and a prominent subject of interest for local ace reporter Mary Lowdown of the Daily Tattletale. That is until Lunch's vengeful and envious twin brother Feast constructs the ultimate killing machine: a super human, Terminator-esque cyborg known as The Annihilator who marauds through the city maiming and mutilating innocent citizens. To make matters worse, Feast has disguised himself as his do-gooding twin and committed acts of robbery and murder in order to sully Lunch's good name. With his reputation tarnished and his job on the line, Lunch must do battle with The Annihilator and put an end to Feast's reign of terror once and for all.