Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (Limited Edition Padded Mediabook, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

 The insane Baron Frankenstein, who resides in an incestuous relationship with his sister and their two children in a remote castle, has only one plan: to create artificial life. With his faithful assistant, Frankenstein has managed to create a female being for whom he now wants to create a male counterpart so that these two beings can father children who will then represent the master race. In order to complete his plan, Frankenstein needs the brains of an extremely potent primitive who isn't exactly picky about his mates. But Frankenstein makes a serious mistake. Instead of getting the brain of the lustful primitive, he mistakenly gets the brain of a would-be monk. Meanwhile, the originally chosen lecher has fun with the baroness. Frankenstein's dream of creating a race of superhumans ends in an unprecedented bloodbath.

- 44-page booklet with lyrics by Mike Blankenburg, with lots of rare photos and artwork from the film


- Original trailers

- Audio commentary by Paul Morrisey, Udo Kier and Maurice Yacowar

- Test recordings (commented by Paul Morrisey)

- Picture gallery with production photos (annotated by Paul Morrisey)

- Trailer show