Andy Warhol's Dracula (Limited Edition Padded Mediabook, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

 A lack of Romanian virgins drives the vampire Count Dracula and his faithful servant Anton to Italy. There, an old aristocratic family is happy to take him in, hoping that one of their four daughters might be a suitable bride for Count Dracula. But Count Dracula keeps throwing up and nearly dying from the "non-virgin" blood of these willing victims.


Mario, the servant of the family, sees the count's weakness as an opportunity and rapes the youngest daughter in order to save her from the vampire. The whole thing ends in an apocalyptic bloodbath from which only one victor can emerge...


- 44-page booklet with lyrics by Mike Blankenburg, with lots of rare photos and artwork from the film


- Original trailers

- Audio commentary by Paul Morrisey, Udo Kier and Maurice Yacowar

- Test recordings (commented by Paul Morrisey)

- Picture gallery with production photos (annotated by Paul Morrisey)

- Trailer show