American Ninja (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Perhaps the defining movie franchise of Cannon Films, AMERICAN NINJA launched a young Michael Dudikoff (AVENGING FORCE) into cult superstardom and further cemented the legacy of his co-star Steve James (THE EXTERMINATOR) as an action icon in training!


Released to blockbuster box office, the story transports viewers to an army base in the Phillipines, where a young American soldier harbours his own martial art secrets and is forced into battle against an illicit underground herd of power-hungry mercenaries. It is ninja vs. ninja, as well as physical combat galore, as the screen heats up with the sweat and sassiness of kung-fu combat!

Directed by the one man B-movie machine that is Sam Firstenberg (BREAKIN 2: ELECTRIC BOGALOO/ CYBORG COP), AMERICAN NINJA makes it worldwide BluRay debut in this stunning HD special edition.


Feature length Retrospective Documentary about the American Ninja franchise featuring all the key cast and crew.

Audio Commentary