5 Dead on the Crimson Canvas DVD USED

Type: Used Movies

Death and dismemberment were the obsessions of the brooding artist Richard Streeb, and his macabre paintings created a huge sensation. Until one dark night, life indeed imitated art when someone dressed in black decided to give Richard a brutal, bloody, taste of his own medicine. 
But Richard's body has vanished and everyone is labeled a suspect, including  estranged brother Bill who begins an investigation of his own. 
Winding through a maze of perverts, prostitutes, and psychopaths, Bill soon finds himself face-to-face with the mystery killer and the deranged motive behind the carnage. But the skin-crawling madness doesn't end there...

Winner of the 1996 FANTAFESTIVAL-Rome,Italy

Winner- CINEFANTASTIQUE Magazine 1997 

Best Outlaw Video Official Entry of the LA PORTA SUL BUIO II Festival-Rome, Italy