Bloody Alphabet 2: The Scariest Serial Killers Coloring Book

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The Bloody Alphabet collection is back with 20+ brand-new illustrations of infamous serial killers.

Inside this brilliant collection, you’ll uncover 24 fascinating illustrations that bring some of the world’s most horrifying killers to life. From thugs and hardened criminals to cold-blooded, meticulous murderers, these serial killers come from all walks of life and from across the planet to prove that no matter where you are, you’re never safe.


This stunning collection lets you unleash your inner artist, discovering more about these disturbing killers through the symbolism lurking in every image. Including their weapons of choice, as well as how many victims they claimed, this book makes a brilliant way to familiarize yourself with the monsters that hide among us.


Inside, you’ll find the portraits of:


Robert Lee Yates

Andrew Urdiales

Harold Shipman

Henry Holmes

Edmund Kemper

Pedro Lopez

Karl Panzram

Carl Eugene Watts

And Many More…

Ideal as a gift – or simply for yourself – this book uses single-sided, large-print paper to create a unique and enjoyable coloring experience. You can tear out and frame your favorites, or even experiment with a wide range of pen, pencil, and marker types.


Perfect as a way to satiate your morbid curiosity, or as a way to unlock your inner creativity, the second book in the Bloody Alphabet series is sure to delight crime fans the world over.