Sacrifice! (Man From Deep River) w/ SLIP USED

Type: Used Movies
The birth of the bloody and controversial Italian Cannibal sub-genre starts here, with
this notorious 1972 Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox, Nightmare City) directed survivalist
shocker, presented in its completely uncut, outrageously violent version. Sacrifice! (aka
The Man From Deep River, Deep River Savages) stars Eurohorror legend Ivan Rassimov
(Mario Bava s Shock, Lamberto Bava s Blade of the Ripper) as photographer John Bradley,
who ventures into the heart of Thailand s jungles and is kidnapped by a ruthless native
tribe. As Bradley fights for his life, he eventually catches the eye of the Chief s daughter
(the beautiful Me Me Lai, who also appears Lenzi s 1980 gut-muncher Eaten Alive!) and,
after marrying her, and after several bouts of brutality, eventually wins the natives
respect. Complications arise, however, when the neighboring clan, a horde of bloodthirsty,
flesh-hungry cannibals, begin sniffing around, licking their lips at the sight Bradley and his
newly conquered tribe mates... Taking its cues from Gualitiero Jacopetti s hugely popular
Mondo Cane films and its many imitators as well as Elliot Silverstein s similarly plotted hit
A Man Called Horse, Lenzi s paean to primitive pain was branded a Video Nasty in the UK
due to its relentless brutality, disturbing scenes of cannibalism and upsetting sequences
of real-life animal death. Less exploitative than Ruggero Deodato s Cannibal Holocaust
and Lenzi s own Cannibal Ferox but no less intense, Sacrifice!