Magnum Cop

Type: New Blu-Ray


 Magnum Cop (Poliziotto Senza Paura) is a gritty Italian action film with an eye-opening performance by Joan Collins (Dynasty) as decadent seductress Brigitte. Wally Spada (Maurizio Merli) is an ex-cop making ends meet as a private detective who gets mixed up in an investigation of a missing girl. This leads him to Austria's underworld and a prostitution racket run by a sleazy femme fatale (Collins). Director Stelvio Massi was inspired by Raymond Chandler’s famous detective Philip Marlowe – making Spada a “more human, less violent cop” than the ones Merli was used to playing. So while Magnum Cop has its share of hair-raising action, it’s also a charming character piece that shows Merli’s range as an actor.

Special Features:
• Audio commentary by film historians Troy Howarth, Nathaniel Thompson, and Eugenio Ercolani
• Alternate English audio track