Body Puzzle (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

DEMONS director Lamberto Bava continued to craft a few high profile plasma-spillers even after the golden age of Italian gore had passed. And 1992’s BODY PUZZLE is a prime example of the maestro’s macabre excellence - a giallo gem which is long overdue some serious reappraisal from fans of Euro-horror excess. In this mind-mangling mystery an attractive young widow (played by the prolifi c B-movie babe Joanna Pacula) becomes inadvertently caught up in a killer’s sick scheme - with the mysterious murderer leaving lopped off limbs at her doorstep and taunting her from afar. Featuring a supporting cast that includes the ever-iconic Giovanni Lombardo Radice (CANNIBAL FEROX/ CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD) BODY PUZZLE would be Bava’s giallo swansong and there is little doubting that the legendary filmmaker went out with a big bloody bang! Arguably even more twisted than A BLADE IN THE DARK, and with a plot barmier than his classic DEMONS, 88 Films is proud to present BODY PUZZLE uncut and in HD.


High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the Film

Uncompressed English Audio

Newly created English Subtitles

Reversible Sleeve with alternate original title ‘Misteria’ artwork