Sticker Studio: Atlantis

Type: Books

Whether you’re an artist, decorator, or sticker collector, Chloe Standish's Sticker Studio: Atlantis will immerse you in creativity with more than 600 gorgeous, full-color stickers. This gallery of high-quality sticker art and sea-struck quotes dives deep to share the beauty, wonder, and peace of marine life―from spectacular shells, starfish, and coral to marvelous fish, turtles, and octopi. You’ll even discover deep-sea mysteries held within messages in bottles, treasure chests, and abandoned anchors.


- Use in creative projects―from collages to scrapbooks

- Adorn home décor and personal items with ocean-themed art

- Jazz up cards, letters, and wrapping paper

- Cherish as an artistic keepsake with words of wisdom reminding you to seek beauty beneath the surface

- Share as a gift with those who draw inspiration from the sea


With hundreds of stickers celebrating sea curiosities, Sticker Studio: Atlantis offers so much to explore and love!